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Ezequiel's Hand-Made Percussion Instruments
Checkeres & Other Instruments

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In addition to making batá drums, Ezequiel Torres also makes other percussion instruments such as:

  • Shekerés (a gourd covered with a net of beads and/or cowries)
  • Cajónes (drums) (a drum like a wooden box)
  • Iyesá (drums) (a set of four sacred, cylindrical, two-headed drums of hand-carved cedar, played with sticks)

He also makes bantes (the beaded tapestries that cover the drums). These are not for sale.

bante made by Ezequiel Torres bante made by Ezequiel Torres

Below are photos of instruments made by Ezequiel Torres:


Ezequiel Torres making checkeres

checkeres made by Ezequiel Torres checkere made by Ezequiel Torres