Ezequiel (center) on Iya, leading an ensemble including the late Chichi Rojo (left) on the Okonkolo (ibae baentonu) and Philbert Armenteros (right) on Itotele.

As an Oba Añá / Olubatá (master batá drummer), Ezequiel Torres is recognized for his ability to use percussion and song to harness and ensure proper connection with the divine energy of Ashé. Members of the fraternity of Omó Añá drummers are allowed to play consecrated batá drums -- drums that contain the energy of Añá, the deity of batá drums.

Ezequiel is frequently sought as the music leader and performer at traditional and religious (Orisha) celebrations and events. He frequently accompanied the late, revered apuón (ceremonial lead singer) Olympia Alfaro.

Recordings of his music (have been featured on the radio broadcast Music From the Sunshine State (a program put together by the Florida Folklife Program).

To engage Ezequiel as a percussionist for an event or as a curator/consultant for a festival, please contact him at (305) 898-1081 or

Playing at a wemilere
(religious celebration) for the
Orisha Oggun. (Ezequiel, center)
Performing at a festival. (Ezequiel, center)
Conducting a drumming workshop (Ezequiel, in white)